How Can I Sell My House Quickly 

How Can I Sell My House Quickly 

How to sell property quickly is one of the key concerns of most of the sellers. Its a known fact that property is a high value illiquid assets. On an average It take around 3- 6 months to sell a property in high demand pockets. In low demand it take upto 12 months.  People give discount To sell a property quickly, but this blog is not about discount. Here i will suggest you 7 marketing tips to sell a property for those who say How Can I Sell My House Quickly.

Sell my house quickly

Best 7  tips to sell a property quickly

How Can I Sell My House Quickly 

1. You should target a buyer who is shifting/shifted recently to the city or staying some other city.

Sell my house quickly

A seller can quickly sell the property if the potential property buyer is not from the same city. There are many people who don’t prefer to stay on rent. They buy a new property alternatively  they stay on rent few months and meanwhile finalized the property. There can be multiple reasons for the sale. A buyer who is a local or who stays in the same city may take long time to close the deal. Mostly he will check more then 50 properties before closing the deal. Each property has it’s own merits and demerits. It is a human nature that  local buyer will focus more on demerits, where as a buyer from out side will focus more on merits of the property. This marketing tip work 8 out of 10 times. This is the first tip of how i can Sell my house quickly.

2. Visual Impact/ video advertisements

Sell my house quickly

From a marketing perspective videos are more effective marketing tool compare to pictures. I do understand it is not easy to record a video to sell the property. I suggest you to take help of someone who knows basics of video recording. Basically the whole idea is to shoot 3-4 minutes video of the property. While shooting you can explain or market the detail like finishing of the  house, benefits, the facing, attributes of the property etc.

Some do’s and don’t s for the video ads are under 

1. The introduction should summarize the key advantages of project and locality. For eg. The society is near school, malls, market etc.

2. Record the video at day time.

3. There should not  be  any background noise.

4. Your voice should be audio able and clear.

5. Don’t charge the effects.

6. Don’t forget to share your contacts at the end of the video.

You can share the video on social media and groups also. You can also share it on your social media profiles.

3. Personal or emotional touch

Sell my house quickly

Normally every seller has some good memories associated with the property. The whole idea is to market these good memories through personal and emotional touch or  depending on the buyer profile. This is bit tricky. I am not telling to lie to seller to sell the property. Sell my house quickly

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4. Buyer Profiling

Sell my house quickly

Before you make a sale switch to a potential buyer, it is critical to find out more about him, Like family, profession etc. In other words the buyer profiling is very crucial. You can take help of social media or brokers. The objective is to strike the right cord with the potential buyer  to sell the property.

Eg.  If the buyer mother age is 70 year then seller should highlight there society has a special senior citizen club and how they organise various activities to keep the senior citizens engaged. By this the mother of the buyer is convinced to buy this property.

Eg. While doing buyer profiling if you found buyer or his wife is a fittnes freak then convince them for that the society is well equipped for fittnes freak buyers. You can tell them that there are many gym. By this the buyer will also get convinced.

5. De-sell other choices

Sell my house quickly

It is ok to de-sell other projects until the seller is not a lie or misleading the buyer. There is a famous marketing technique to de-sell other projects.

Eg.  If you draw a line A then there is no reference point for comparison. Therefore it is similar to marketing your apartment or flat. That flat is your line A. Now if you draw line B that is smaller then line A,  in this case the line A start appearing long and line B will look short. In other words the comparison is always relative in nature.

You can relate this to the marketing. Maybe you will loose your buyer when he will compare your  shown properties.

6. Personalization

Sell my house quickly

It’s a human nature to think that what we like the others like the same. Whenever you are selling the property it is important to remove any kind of personalization on the property and take a neutral level approach.

Eg.  If i like dark green color, but many other buyers don’t like it and They will not buy the property because of the color. To market your property well you should take a neutral stand in all aspects.

7. Reason For Sale

Sell my house quickly

Most of the buyers like to know why are you selling a property. Normally some of the common reasons given by the sellers are we are in an urgent need of money or we are shifting out etc.  In my opinion the best reason to coat is  that we are upgrading to a bigger or premium property. It gives a lot of positive vibration to the potential buyer. It is preserved that the property was lucky for the seller. You must be wondering am i telling you to tell a lie. Ok i agree but you are not hiding any facts or cheating with respect to property. This is your personal reason and not necessary for the buyer to know.  If you tell i am in a urgent need of money then trust me you will get 87 lakh for 1.10 crore property as per the ratio. Please understand as a seller you can’t share a reason that can snach you negotiation problem.

Marketing is both a art and a technique. Marketing is all about how effectively you can sell your product. I have lot more to share but i will share it in my future blogs.

I hope you like my blog on Sell my house quickly

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